Stephen’s Experience in Exeter

A flower bed in Exeter University’s garden.

During reading week this February, I had the opportunity to go with the AMP Lab to Exeter in the UK. The purpose of the exchange was to foster development on two training modules that we’re working on in collaboration with Exeter’s Digital Humanities Lab.

Overlooking the valley and the River Exe from a campus balcony.

As a student intern, I was able to spend a lot of time mingling with the members of the lab in Exeter, as well as some free time exploring the area around me. Exeter is a small town in the south west of England, which is accented by a large university campus that sits on the hill overlooking the small valley below.

Walking down to the Quay along the old castle wall.

When looking over the valley it has quite the picturesque appearance, highlighted by the River Exe running down the center with grassy knolls rolling up either side of it.

Looking across the Thames beside the Millennium Bridge, London.

For myself, the most enjoyable part of the exchange was meeting new people. Getting to exchange stories and ideas with people from entirely different parts of the globe was a great experience in understanding how our differences make us unique and strengthen the ways we come together, both as new friends and as colleagues.

The Globe Theatre, London.

We were able to spend a day in London seeing the sites near the end of the trip as well. Being my first time in London, I decided to take a long walk in the afternoon, starting with the British Museum, then walking down towards the river via Trafalgar Square and walking across the Thames to see the Globe Theatre and the Tate Modern.

St. Paul’s Cathedral, London

I would never have the experience that this opportunity gave me if not for my involvement with the AMP Lab at UBCO. The experience, knowledge and guidance that this exchange gave me would never happen as an undergrad simply passing through my degree anywhere else. My only wish was that we had more time to spend with the environment and the team there.

Written by Stephen French

All Photos were taken by the author.