Mobilizing the Archive through Press Play Workshops: An SSI Reflection

By Deserae Gogel

Deserae Gogel presents her lightning talk about the UBCO Press Play workshops.

The SpokenWeb Sound Institute (May 28-29, 2019) provided many valuable experiences: not only were we able to strengthen relationships amongst our own team from UBCO, but I also had the opportunity to form connections with other members of the SpokenWeb team. It was great to meet other research assistants on the project and see how they are researching and working with archival materials at their home institutions. With my own background in education, I have been particularly interested in how the archival materials can be used in a classroom setting. At the SSI, I was able to have great conversations about the pedagogy of the SpokenWeb research. Other members were interested in my work with the Press Play Workshops, and it was great to see other ways of mobilizing the archive.


Deserae Gogel (BA, BEd, MA English candidate at UBCO).