A Meeting Minute

Meeting Report: June 16, 2020

by Amy Thiessen (Project Manager)

This week at SpokenWeb UBCO our team has primarily been focussed on medium-term, complex, and collaborative projects—many of which have been presented in the last few meeting minute blog posts. Today I will highlight two previously unmentioned projects.

In collaboration with podcast co-producers, Nour Sallam and Karis Shearer, the team’s graphic designer Yasaman Lotfizadeh has designed a podcast presskit for our local podcast, SoundBox Signals. The press kit describes: What is SoundBox Signals? What is the SoundBox Collection? What is the SpokenWeb Project? Who is the podcast team? Where to find podcast episodes? Once finalized the press kit will be available on our website and will serve as a resource for future podcast promotion and circulation. 

SpokenWeb students Cole Mash (SFU) and Klara du Plessis (Concordia)—student representatives on the governing board—have been working with other SpokenWeb team members, including Jason Camlot (Concordia), Yuliya Kondratenko (Concordia), and the SpokenWeb Pedagogy Task Force on creating a student onboarding document. This document will serve as a resource for future students new to the SpokenWeb network. It outlines the core values and practices of SpokenWeb and provides a glimpse into what it is like to be a student researcher on the project. Members from our local team, Amy Thiessen (project manager) and Karis Shearer (co-applicant and director of the AMP Lab) have spent time this week thinking about how the document will be used across the SpokenWeb network, and specifically about how the document will serve the future members of our UBCO team. More details on this will develop over the coming weeks as we imagine how we might migrate this document into a badged onboarding process. (See this previous blog post for more details regarding digital badging).