Emily Murphy

Emily Christina Murphy is Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities in the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies. She brings two major digital projects to the lab: the Modernist Pedagogy Platform and “Modernism, Feminism, and the Ego-Network,” a network modelling project on women’s artistic and activist communities of the early-twentieth century in collaboration with Linked Modernisms at the University of Victoria. She teaches Digital Humanities courses in the Bachelor of Media Studies. In addition to her role at UBC-O, she is managing editor of the Print+ Platform of Modernism/modernity and instructor at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute.

Her research interests are diverse. In the digital humanities, they encompass text encoding; digital editing; actor-network theory; feminist and intersectional DH; critical and creative making; digital pedagogy; and the body and digital culture. In twentieth-century literature and culture, they span high, middlebrow, and popular modernisms; literature of the Spanish Civil War; women’s writing; adaptation and media-specificity; dance, movement, and physical culture; history of psychiatry and psychoanalysis; celebrity culture; little magazines and the slicks; and life writing.