Karis Shearer

Karis Shearer is Principal’s Research Chair in Digital Arts & Humanities, Associate Professor of English, and PI of the AMP Lab. She leads the UBCO team of the SpokenWeb SSHRC Partnership Grant, on which she is Lead UBC Co-Applicant. Together, she and collaborator Deanna Fong (Concordia U) are pursuing research on gender and affective labour in the Vancouver literary community of the 1960s and 70s, a collaboration which has resulted in a recently published a piece called “Gender, Affective Labour, and Community-Building Through Literary Audio Artifacts” and Wanting Everything: The Collected Works of Gladys Hindmarch (Talonbooks 2020). With Marjorie Mitchell, Felicity Tayler, Chantal Ripp, Pascale Dangoisse, et al, she is one of more than 30 co-authors of The Data Primer: Making Digital Humanities Research Data Public (2022). She welcomes graduate student supervision inquiries in the following areas especially: literary audio, literary archives, feminist theory, sound studies, digital humanities, literary production, Canadian and American poetry, research creation. email: karis.shearer@ubc.ca