Miles Thorogood

Miles Thorogood teaches Digital Media theory and creation in the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, and Computer Science in the Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences. He is an artist and programmer who focusses on cognitive science and audio signal analysis for developing computational assistive technologies in community engagement and creative industries. His work has been featured in public art installations, as well as at international conferences and festivals. Miles is working with the SpokenWeb project to experiment with new methods of understanding speech and ambient signals in tape-recorded Canadian poetry. He is involved with the Waterways team in exploring the historical, indigenous, and ecological patterns of the Okanagan to manifest engaging public education experiences. He is currently proposing the Culture and Environment Archive Toolkit to develop novel platforms for cataloging, analyzing, and retrieving multiple media types in research and creation. A part of Miles’ research-creation work involves electroacoustic performance and an upcoming collaborative exhibit named Journey of a Pod to be displayed at the Kelowna Art Gallery in October.