Tech Talk Series (2018-2023)

Marjorie Mitchell (UBC Okanagan Library) and Dr. Felicity Tayler (U Ottawa Library) launch the SSHRC-funded project The Data Primer: Making Digital Humanities Research Data Public, September 2023.

By Karis Shearer (AMP Lab Principal Investigator)

It’s with mixed emotions that I’m wrapping up The AMP Lab’s Tech Talk Series (2018-23), the longest running research series in the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies. The series brought together UBC and visiting researchers, students, and industry folks for informal 20-min talks on digital tools they developed, used, or critiqued in humanities research. I am so proud of this series and so grateful to the different co-organizers over the years, to FCCS and FASS for their support, to the speakers who generously shared their work, and the huge community that formed around the series — thank you for your commitment to Digital Humanities on our campus. Tech Talks have drawn over 500 people & are archived on the AMP Lab YouTube channel:

Students and trainees are indicated with an asterisk: *


Carrie Karsgaard* (U of A), “hashtagstopkm: how participant publics picture and protest the pipeline: mapping multiple (visual) discourses on Instagram.”

Emily C. B. Murphy, “Teaching with Twine.”

Karis Shearer, “Feminist Close Listening in the Digital Audio Archive.”

Fiona P. McDonald: “Hearing and Seeing Data through Sensory Ethnography.”

Haley Seven-Deers* and Jordanna Marshall*, “The Negative Heritage Project.”

Lee Hannigan* (U of A), “The Unwinding Reel: A Personal Account of Media-Focused Literary Research.”

Lindsay Der, “Going Digital: Technology for Research, Collaboration, and Reflexivity at Çatalhöyük.”

Felicity Tayler (U Ottawa) and Marjorie Mitchell: “Making Research Data Public: An Open Workshop on Spoken Web Research Creation.”

Felicity Tayler (U Ottawa): “Managing Humanities Data: Research-Driven Data in SpokenWeb.”

Nicola Harwood (KPU), “Master Class in Digital Creation.”

Hannah McGregor (SFU): “Feminist Podcasting as Public Scholarship.”



Paige Hohmann and Sarah Ulicny*, “From Conversation to Access: Archives, Metadata, and Repository Spaces in the Digitized Okanagan History Project.”

Tom Van Dewark (Know History), “Know History: Alt-ac Careers in Archival Research”

Jaha Koo (Korea), “Cuckoo: Collaborating with Technology.”

Linda M Morra (SFU), “Moving Archival Targets: ‘Radical Empathy’ and Research in (and outside) of the Archives”

Felicity Tayler, Marjorie Mitchell, Karis Shearer. Launch of Data Primer: Making Digital Humanities Research Data Public.

Sarah Cipes*, “Feminist Consent: Edits and Audio.”

Diana Carter, Yarubi Diaz Colmenares*, Bibiana Cortes*, Lucas Quesada*, “The Making-Of the Inclusive Language Twitter Corpus”

Kyong Yoon, “Digital Platforms and Cultural Diversity.”

Rachel Pickard*, “Communicating the Significance of Oral Histories and Audio Archives in the Okanagan.”

Dan Keyes, Hanxun Li*, Sacha Alfonzo Villafuerte*, and Bethany Sanjenko*, “Tamagotchi: Migrating Fading CanCon from VHS, or In Praise of Poor Images.”

Fiona McDonald, “Gaming the Anthropocene.”

Francisco Peña and Miguel Las Heras*, “A Journey through the History of The Confluence of Religious Cultures in Medieval Historiography digital project.”


Thank you once again to our amazing community committed to tech justice, digital humanities, humanities data, and data justice. While we are bringing the Tech Talk Series to a close, there will be some exciting new workshops and initiatives coming up, so please keep an eye on our page!

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