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Undergraduate Research Assistants

Megan Butchart

Affiliation: The SpokenWeb Project

Megan is currently working towards her Bachelor of Arts at UBCO, majoring in English and History. She is interested in Archival Studies and is passionate about the preservation and conservation of artifacts, and the making available of such resources for public research and study. She is pleased to participate in The SoundBox Project, which merges literary, historical, and archival elements.

Amy Thiessen

Affiliation: The SpokenWeb Project

Amy is a fourth-year undergraduate student in Honours English at UBCO. She has a particular interest in studying poetry, and its relationship with the digital audio world, as well as writing poetry herself. She is excited to be exploring the field of audio literary archives in her work on the SpokenWeb project and the SoundBox Collection.

Nour Sallam

Affiliation: The SpokenWeb Project

Nour is an Honours English and Political Science major with a passion for literature and art. She is interested in journalism, digital reporting, and the impacts that language and discourse have on perceptions of the world. Nour is also the Copy Editor of The Phoenix News. She is excited to practice attentive listening and explore literary sound through her collaboration with the SoundBox Project as the Podcast Producer.

Lauren St. Clair

Affiliation: The SpokenWeb Project

Lauren is a third-year undergraduate student studying Computer Science and Data Science at UBCO. She is interested in data science and its intersections within the digital humanities. She will be acting as the President of the Quantitative Science Course Union for the 2019-20 academic term. Lauren is passionate about sound and enjoys field recording in her free time.

Shanneen Chiu

Affiliation: Digital Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage Project

Shanneen Chiu is a fourth-year Anthropology major at UBCO. She is particularly interested in Archaeology and Linguistics Anthropology. In her spare time, she likes learning new languages, cooking for friends, and travelling.

Haley Seven Deers

Affiliation: Digital Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage Project

Haley is a fourth-year undergraduate student at UBCO, majoring in Anthropology with a minor in History. She has a special interest in Archaeology and exploring socio-cultural issues of both the past and present. In her spare time, she likes going on road trips, doing horseback riding and reading books.

Jordanna Marshall

Affiliation: Digital Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage Project

Jordanna is an undergraduate student majoring in Anthropology and Minoring in Psychology with an interest in heritage studies. She is specifically concerned with examining anthropogenic threats to natural heritage sites and the proposed conservation policies implemented to combat such effects.

Graduate Research Associates

Yasaman Lotfizadeh

Affiliation: AMP Lab Manager; Aga Khan Project Manager

Yasaman Lotfizadeh is currently in her first year of a second Master of Arts in IGS program at UBCO, in the Digital Arts and Humanities Theme. She has a background in Graphic Design which she pursued in both her B.A and M.A. In her research she finds herself most passionate about Islamic Art History, especially Persian miniatures.

Cole Mash

Affiliation: The SpokenWeb Project

Cole Mash completed his BA and MA at UBCO, working in English and Creative Writing. He is currently pursuing his PhD at Simon Fraser University. He is a writer of fiction and poetry, as well as scholarly work interested in the place of narrative and fiction in historiography.

Ahlam Bavi

Affiliation: The Aga Khan Gardens Project

Ahlam Bavi is a visual artist, art researcher, and designer. She earned her BA in Industrial Design and her MA and Ph.D. in Art Studies from the University of Tehran, Iran. She has been a student and researcher at the University of Lucerne, Switzerland and the University of Calgary, Canada. Currently, she is a Ph.D. student in IGS Digital art and Humanities at UBC. Ahlam’s visual artworks consist of conceptual sonic sculptures, technologic remediation of artworks, 3D calligraphy, and algorithmic 3D printed sculpture. She has training in the Reggio Emilia Educational approach, as well as VR, AR and digital technology during her visiting U of Calgary and works with gifted students.

Mathieu Aubin

Affiliation: The SpokenWeb Project

Mathieu Aubin’s doctoral research employs digital tools to examine the intersection between Vancouver avant-garde poetry and the city’s lesbian and gay liberation movement. He is currently working on a digital edition of the Vancouver newsletter TISH to develop insight into its contribution to the city’s social formation of an avant-garde movement. He is a bilingual researcher who was born in Montreal and grew up in Toronto, but now finds himself at home in B.C.

Saifullah Mahfuz

Affiliation: The Confluence of Religious Cultures in Medieval Historiography (Project Manager)

Saifullah Mahfuz is pursuing his M.A. in Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies in the ‘Power, Conflict and Ideas’ Theme. His research focuses on the representation of Muslims in Hollywood and Bollywood films. Back in Bangladesh, he was involved in different volunteering activities and was a certified trainer of ‘Social Entrepreneurship’. He also worked as a Radio Jockey and directed international award-winning short film ‘Invisible Line’. Before coming to UBCO to pursue his second Master’s degree, he completed his Bachelor of Social Science and Master of Social Science degree from the University of Dhaka and was appointed as the ‘Project Associate’ at British Council Bangladesh. He enjoys reading books, travelling, meeting new people and watching movies.

Sepideh Saffari

Affiliation: The Aga Khan Gardens Project

Sepideh Saffari is an award-winning artist and architect currently pursuing her IGS PhD in Digital Arts & Humanities at UBCO. In 2006, she started her academic education in Architectural Engineering in which she ranked third and first among students in her BA and MA programs respectively. Since then she has held artistic and architectural positions including teaching at universities and designing buildings such as Polyclinic Hospital Entrance and Greek Coffee Shop. She has also worked at game and animation companies.

Deanna Fong

Affiliation: The SpokenWeb Project

Deanna Fong recently completed her PhD in English at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, where her research focused on the intersections of auditory media, event theory, literary communities, and affective labour. She is a member of the federally funded SpokenWeb team, who have developed a web-based archive of digitized sound recordings for literary study. With Ryan Fitzpatrick and Janey Dodd, she co-directs the audio/multimedia archive of Canadian poet Fred Wah, and has done substantial cataloguing and critical work on the audio archives of Japanese-Canadian poet and artist Roy Kiyooka.

Carrie Karsgaard

Carrie Karsgaard is a doctoral student in the Department of Educational Policy Studies at the University of Alberta, Canada, specializing in Theoretical, Cultural, and International Studies in Education. She completed her MA-IGS in Cultural Studies at UBCO and is thrilled to be back on campus in the Amp Lab – to discuss big ideas, share technical knowledge, and explore research questions through digital methods. Carrie’s research interests include critical and anticolonial studies in international, intercultural, and environmental education. Holder of the Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship and the UofA’s President’s Doctoral Prize of Distinction, Carrie is currently exploring issue mapping via digital methods to explore the role of social media as public pedagogy.

Former Principal Investigators

Constance Crompton

Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa.
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