Digital Editions, Digital Archives: A Symposium

a video screen featuring a clip of a reel-to-reel machine turning

This week the lab hosted several workshops for the Digital Editions, Digital Archives symposium. The symposium included presenters from UBC Okanagan, UBC Vancouver, Simon Fraser University, the University of Exeter, University de la Rioja, the University of Ottawa, the University of Calgary and independent scholars. Topics ranged from gender and affective labour to translation to pedagogy, all within a digital humanities framework. Our own Evan Berg also made a super cool video clip of our lab’s reel-to-reel machine!

In particular, the lab hosted its first (of many to come) Press Play Workshop, led by Karis Shearer and Deanna Fong, which saw participants alter and create art from blank cassettes. Later in the week, Miles Thorogood led a workshop focused on creating digital sound art and sound landscapes. The lab is excited to see more of these kinds of workshops happen within its walls, so stay tuned and keep an eye on our events page!